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Ravenswood Hollow
East Troy, Wisconsin
Specializing in Beautiful White German Shepherds

Ravenswood Hollow, is a 75 acre farm in Wisconsin and a "doggy paradise"


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After years of friendship plus discovering that Kellie and I are Kindred Spirits with the same love and devotion to preserving
the proud legacy of the German Shepherd Dog as Best Friend & Protector-
I have decided to join forces with Kellie & Paren at Mintern's German Shepherds

Where Shepherds have FUN too.....

We were White German Shepherd pet owners long before we became White German Shepherd breeders.
We discovered that White German Shepherds have amazing temperaments,
they are great with kids, terrific watch dogs and very intelligent.

In 2003 when our beloved pet, Otto, was getting older we started to search for a new White German Shepherd. We discovered it was very difficult to find White German Shepherds! However, we were determined to stick with this breed. We have 5 children and the White German Shepherds seem to naturally be very calm & protective. We noticed early on that Otto would shepherd our young children -- if he felt they were wandering too far from our yard he would gently block their path & redirect them back to us!

Starting in 2004 and taking over 2 years of searching, we finally found our handsome George, and a few months later our sweet Olga. To our delight they were just as amazing as Otto. We decided we wanted to share what we had discovered with others.

....and with all that.....we decided to start breeding White German Shepherds

Today we own 5 White German Shepherds

George is 135 lb. teddy bear. Although his appearance is regal & intimidating he is one of the most gentle creatures I have met.
George's response to a naughty toddler tugging on his ears? -- to wag his tail and beg for more!

Olga is the kind matriarch of the pack. She is a 125 lb. beauty with an amazing intelligence that I like to describe as a "freaky human intelligence". When Olga wants to come back in the house she simply opens the door herself. When I was pregnant with my 5th child (she was pregnant with her 5th litter) towards the end of my pregnancy she wouldn't let any of the other dogs near me. It really was a totally unnecessary precaution, as all of our dogs are very loving & devoted, but with nothing more than a dirty look she would keep the other dogs at least 15 feet away from me at all times. She stayed by my side constantly -- apparently guarding me in my delicate condition!

Ice is a lovely lady currently pregnant with her second litter. She is a very dedicated mom.
In addition to caring for her 11 pups she would often babysat for Olga's crew last time around!
She is a great fetcher & very eager to please. She is a perfect family dog in my opinion.

MI Moonlight of Ravenswood Hollow is currently pregnant with her first litter.
Moon is a proud descendant of the Snowcloud line & a gift from my dear friend Kellie, at Mintern's German Shepherds.
This amazing girl is very smart & loyal. Like Olga she is a fantastic watch dog & yet totally gentle with our children.
In exchange for Moon, Kellie received our sweet "
Sophie", daughter of Olga & George.

The puppies have access to a wonderful play area.

The socialization is in abundance!

Our Christmas Card for 2010

Our Christmas Card for 2011

At Ravenswood Hollow our dogs live in our home with us. Their pups are born in our home & constantly touched & cared for by our 5 children. This human contact is essential to a German Shepherd's socialization. Our dogs are very healthy. Their diets are supplemented with organic eggs from our chickens. They receive plenty of exercise on long hikes through our woods & refreshing dips in our pond. We do everything in our power to ensure that our pups will be as outstanding as their parents, and provide you with the love and joy that our dogs have given to us.

If you have an interest in our puppies, you can call us
Friday, Saturday or Sunday any time between 8:30 AM-9:30 PM
Other days...you can try us or leave a message......


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