Snowcloud's Kimba Von Eisenburg
resides in sunny California with Stephanie!

Kimba is the perfect example of the beautiful white coats, dark eyes and lips....
and the beautiful structure that the White German Shepherd is so well known for.
THANK YOU Stephanie for allowing me to use Kimba's photos :)

How we acquired the Snowcloud Bloodlines .....   

now residing at Mintern's German Shepherds


Richard Horton wrote the following letter .........

Richard is Alice Horton's son.  He wrote this letter to help me find a way to let folks know where Alice Horton's last few remaining Snowcloud Shepherds will be making their home. I also wanted to take this opportunity to THANK Richard for all his help....tons of phone calls back and forth and even the trip he made to Ohio, bringing some of the dogs here for us...We were able to travel to Illinois to get some but Richard was kind enough to bring the others home for us...taking time out of his own schedule, and helping us make this work for both the dogs and for us.


Richard's own words.....

SNOWCLOUD KENNEL is no more.....

I have liquidated the kennel and sold the breeding stock to Kellie Mintern of Mintern's German Shepherds.

Kellie was my first choice because of her dedication to maintaining quality and integrity in her own dogs.  My mother incorporated some of Kellie's dogs into her own bloodline over the last few years.  Kellie was also my mother's friend.

Even though there is no more SNOWCLOUD KENNEL, the Snowcloud Bloodline will be carried on in Kellie's capable hands. She is currently breeding pure Snowcloud dogs as well as her own.

To all the people that have purchased and loved one or more of my mother's dogs, I say Thank You and I hope everyone will give the same credit and consideration to Kellie that you have or would have given my mother, Alice Horton.

Give Kellie a call at 330-442-7288 or email at
She will be happy to hear from you.

BEWARE of people claiming to have Snowcloud dogs...they may have just one of mother's dogs in their pedigree.  Kellie is the only one who has the resources to carry on the true bloodlines.

Richard Horton


Richard and I had several conversations on HOW to best get the word out that the Snowcloud Shepherds are now living in Ohio with us. We also agreed that the family's privacy was also important. I had previously had a dedication page to Alice on my website but because of different situations that arose, we best thought just to announce where the last few shepherds of Snowcloud have made their home. 

With Richard writing this reference for us, we will now hope to find wonderful homes for our upcoming litter of White Puppies. Alice Horton was a wonderful friend to us and we appreciate Richard writing the above to help us move forward. I also want to let the world know that Alice was FIRST my Friend and provided me with great wisdom along the years....being very 'frank' in her advice, she would let me FALL if need be but was always there when I got back up on my feet :)  I want the world to know that she had such a wonderful and imbedded impact on my life, and life without her has certainly been difficult.....but I will honor her and her family by keeping the Snowcloud bloodline within the standards that I have always kept my own shepherds.....

THANK YOU again Richard....
I cannot express my sadness to you and your family!

Kellie, Paren and the Mintern Shepherds.....

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The Pictures below do not BELONG to Me, they are the property of Alice Horton, but Alice allowed me to place her pictures on my website before, and now I am placing them on here so that you can see what she enjoyed producing.  The pictures are meant to show you how beautiful, strong and intelligent her bloodlines are. I am HONORED to be able to continue to breed some of the most incredible bloodlines left from Snowcloud Kennel.


These pictures are the property Of Snowcloud Kennel
Please do not copy or reproduce without permission